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About Us

My name is Maria Vergieva and I’m the owner Cleora Products.

When I decided that I want to open my own SPA in Westlake Village, California, I knew that in order to be successful and keep my customers happy and satisfied with my service I needed to not only find the perfect location and provide the best customer service, I also needed to work with the best products available on the market.

I wanted products that are animal-cruelty-free and I wanted them to be made in the USA, which turned to be a hard thing to do.
Most of the manufacturers are located overseas, their products weren’t animal-cruelty-free and had questionable ingredients, even the biggest brands.

This is how I came up with the idea to combine my knowledge and the experience I gained while working as an esthetician and create my own skin care brand.

A brand that cares about the animals and keeps the business within the United States of America.
A brand that uses the cleanest ingredients, cares about the environment and provides the absolute best results for your skin.

I called it Cleora